Where were you when the world stopped turning..

…on that September day?

10 Years ago. The world as we knew it changed forever. When you think of the amount of time of your life that has passed us by since the Twin Towers fell it feels like an eternity.

Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing. I was in 9th grade Algebra class. Taking an awful test I wasn’t prepared for. Our teacher used to turn the overhead TV on (on mute) and watch the news while we took tests. I remember him saying, “What the..$*@&?” to which we all giggled (c’mon we were immature). We all looked up and saw the towers on fire. Of course no one knew what it meant or really, how serious it was. It wasn’t until the adults started freaking out that we did.

Everyone’s lives have been touched in some way on that day. My father was at a meeting across from the Pentagon. My mother was freaking out when I called her to come pick me up. My dad had left early from the meeting and didn’t have a cell phone on him. Of course I thank God that no one I knew was hurt or killed at the towers, Pentagon or any of the planes.

So even if you’re not as patriotic as you may think. Sunday, take a moment to look at all you have in your life. Whose important to you, and remember who protected it for you. Think of all the men and woman that went down like heroes that day and the service men and women that helped rescue.

Always remember. Never forget.

“faith hope and love are a few things He gave us… and the greatest is love.”

What are you doing to celebrate – I’ll be headed up to Jiffy Lube Live to see Toby Keith. I don’t think I know a single better concert to see the weekend of September 11th. The most patriotic cowboy I know!



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