Hurri-“pain” in my ass

So it’s Tuesday.

What a weekend huh? Irene hit Annapolis hard this weekend but didn’t seem to come as strong as the ol’ weather man originally warned us. Near and far people were freaking out for Irene. Buying out the stores, stocking up on all camping gear sold in Target (seriously, ALL the marshmallow roasters?). When she came by my town Saturday we were ready. 8 bags of popcorn popped, ice in bags, lots of wine (priorities people), reading material etc. etc. I even went and bought fried chicken so I’d have something to eat that wasn’t beyond disgusting cold.

Saturday came, the rain the wind but nothing bad. I even took the dogs for a walk before it hit hard. Sun was out small drops on the deck. Then…

The Power was out.

7pm. Oh boy, was I excited. We lit candles had the flashlights ready and began to have cocktails, eat and read our books. Oh what fun. You never really appreciate the little things until they’re not there. Hot water, blowdryers…COFFEE??

The next morning I was on the hunt. Most places in most directions were in the same boat as me so I traveled up Rt. 2 until I found an open Dunkin’ Donuts! Shouts out to the Glen Burnie DD  they were more than accommodating to us crazies! I got the last Everything and Poppyseed bagel in the joint. So I was thrilled with that. The day was spent cleaning up the massive leave piles that fell in our yard and pool. We still have tons to go. 

I then got the brilliant idea to call BGE and see when our power would be back… “We should have all homes restored by late Friday night” Umm…what? 

Thankfully we got creative Sunday and reheated a bunch of leftovers on the grill. Yum! 

So that’s where we are folks. It’s Tuesday and I have yet to feel the warmth of a warm fluorescent light on my skin since Saturday! All the food is ruined, I can’t shower at home (thank goodness for gym memberships). I have eaten more junk food than I’d like to mention, and I’ve read..a LOT. 

How did you get through the storm? Was Irene as scary as we thought? 

Yup, this was my weekend



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