This week on Pinterest!

So if you haven’t already heard of the phenomenon that is Pinterest you are really missing out! Pinterest is yet another addictive Social Media(like) site where you can virtually create pin boards of all your favorite things. For example: Wedding ideas, Recipes, Xmas list, FOOD – the possibilities are endless. Since I spend so much time on the site I decided to start coming up with a list of my favorite pins of the week. What’s good about this site is you can link to an external website which is where the directions and or recipe is. Give it a try!

Here is what put a fire in my belly this week on Pinterest: ps follow me 🙂

Bite-sized caramel apples

Grow your own moss!

Create a personalized soap dispenser using a plastic soap bottle!

Baking your pork tenderloin in a french baquette? can we say wow



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