iPhone 4s Battery Tips

Happy Friday Everyone!

Were you one of the 4 MILLION that purchased the new iPhone 4s? If not, and you updated to the iOS5 you may be wondering why your battery is not as up to par as it once was. Apple made a statement today that their iOS5 has a bug that is, indeed draining the battery – down to 12 hours. They will be making an update to the software in the next few weeks to resolve this.

Coming from a Droid Incredible, this isn’t a bad thing. That thing died in a matter of hours. However, the Huffington Post created a list of tips to save yourself some unneeded battery suckage. 🙂

I’ve done them, and have already seen results – enjoy!

**Note – this will help older models of the iPhone as well**


Did Case-Mate spill the beans?

If you blinked you would have missed this but earlier today Case-Mate breifly had a lovely drop down area of their new Barely There Brushed Alumnium iphone5 cases. Could it be that the gurus of Apple were misleading us when we found out it was unlikely that the new generation of iPhone would have the tapered corners and thinner and lighter design?

We will have to wait and see… Case-Mate is a very popular iPhone (and all things Apple) case retailer so I wouldn’t just take this with a grain of salt.

C’mon October!


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