No Boys Allowed!

London bus stops have been to getting a facelift with new “Facial-recognition” ads…

(Are you scratching your head?)

Plan UK has come up with this amazing strategy for their “Because I’m a Girl” campaign. These ads will show girls a 40 second ad. While men, will only see a URL.

One of their reps say, ““We’re not giving men the choice to see the full ad so they get a glimpse of what it’s like to have basic choices taken away.”

Pretty unique. Pretty awesome.


Daycare, for your Man

Ikea. One of those crazy off the wall stores that everyone knows and loves. Is it a warehouse? Is it a furniture store? Is is a fabulous gourmet cafe where one can sit relax and dine on delectable Sweedish Meatballs?

Yes, yes and YES! Who cares that their furniture comes in a giant box and is harder to put together than a 10,000 piece puzzle. This place is awesome.

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve grabbed your man a time or two to “Just look around” which ends up taking you 3 hours to walk the monstrosity. Not to mention you need walkie talkies to find each other in there. Do they like it? Sure, I’ll bet there are a few of you think they love it but what do they really want to do? Lounge and relax while you take your pretty time. (or play in traffic)

Introducing Mänland: A Daycare for Men, while you shop! Instead of a giant ball pit and arts and crafts, your man can play Xbox, watch the game and basically do what they WISH they could be doing all afternoon!

Bravo, Ikea. Just Brilliant.

via Adweek


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