Oscar Memories

With the Academy Awards rapidly approaching us, a lot of sites have compiled lists of memorable moments in Oscar History.

Take a look at this great slideshow from ABC News of their take on Academy Award history gems.

Are you going to be tuning in this Sunday? I know I will be! From the red carpet, to the main event. I love the Oscars! What is your favorite Oscar Memory?

Memorable Oscar moments since 2000.


PETA’s Controversial Ad

There have been many instances in movies, clothing and other animal related activity that have walked a fine line in “insulting” PETA. However, this time PETA may be the ones crossing that line. Or are they?

A new ad from PETA has raised many eyebrows. Jessica, the star of the spot is walking home in a neck brace and “suffers from BWVAKTBOOM, ‘Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me,’ a painful condition that occurs when boyfriends go vegan and can suddenly bring it like a tantric porn star.”

Sure, they may be promoting the fact that a clean vegan diet can raise your libido but is this promoting domestic abuse? It’s an interesting take on a serious matter. Especially a group so involved with ending abuse to animals. What do you think?


This Valentine’s Day, give and you shall receive

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Being the ad geek that I am – my boyfriend often shares ads and commercials he sees with me if he thinks they’re good. This commercial was on last night and he thought it was a) hilarious and b) probably true.

I googled it this morning, and realized I had seen it during the superbowl. As with a few other companies (H&M, GoDaddy and let us not forget the Sexy and I know it – M&M commercial) we know that the main goal when making a commercial is grabbing the attention of the viewier.

Sex sells.

TeleFlora created this ad with Supermodel Adriana Lima. sidenote: that body has had a child and her name is Valentina – how appropriate

Giving the world known advice. “Give and you Shall Receive”

Cute, funny, sexy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No more bunny “tales”

Remember a few weeks ago when I spoke about what hot shows were coming to town. Well, my favorite out of ALL of them. Was cancelled yesterday.

The Playboy Club had it all. The History of Chicago, an inside look of the hot spot back in the 60’s. Drama of working as one of America’s most desirable women, Affairs, Murder and some good looking ladies and gents.

Needless to say from the get-go this show was not a favorite of some “Women”. Well, I am a woman and so are most of my friends. We thought this was a shoe-in for the late night Monday time slot. Alas, the degrading of women was one that was not ignored when coming to pulling the plug.

The PTC (Parents Television Council) marked this down as one of their victories. “We are grateful to every member of the public who responded to our call to take action against this attempt to mainstream a brand that is synonymous with the pornography industry. We hope other broadcasters heed the important lessons of this programming debacle.” – I don’t necessarily agree with them, but we’ll let them have this one.

The Robe wearing, pipe smoking Heff tweeted his opinion, “I’m sorry NBC’s The Playboy Club didn’t find it’s audience,” he wrote, “It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience.”

It’s a shame – this was one of the good ones this fall. Guess I’ll have to devote all my attention to Pan Am to get my 1960’s fix.
Oh well, at least Leann Rimes doesn’t have to worry about her hubby cheating on her. [c’mon it was bound to happen]

Chuck Woolery’s Career Change

Clearly it is THE profession to get into.

If you don’t know who Chuck Woolery is, shame on you! He has some hefty background experience when it comes to Game Show Hosting. He was the host of Love Connection, The Dating Game, Greed, Lingo and for 6 years Wheel of Fortune! (even I didn’t know that little tidbit). 

Chuck just joined Western Creative, Inc. A Detroit area agency as Senior-Citizen Marketing Specialist. Just turning 70, he decided to jump abord the Ad Biz train and try to reach out to those in that demographic, a crucial one in the US. I have no doubts he will excel at the job at hand given his experience! Good luck Chuck! I look forward to seeing your updated LinkedIn profile 🙂

Chuck Woolery Decides It’s Time to Work for an Ad Agency | Adweek.



One of the most touching auditions of X factor we’ve seen

Another one of the many reasons I’m looking forward to X Factor, US edition. Talk about a touching story..

Emmanuel Kelly auditioned for X Factor overseas and had quite the life experience to share with the world. When asked his age, he said “I don’t really know”. With puzzled looks in the audience he begins to tell his life struggles. He was born in a War Zone of Iraq and was found in a shoebox with his brother. They were taken to an orphanage where an angel in disguise adopted them both and gave them a great life in Australia. They have missing limbs but that didn’t take a way for their sprits.

Nor, did it take away from Emmanuel’s dream to one day be a star. He does a great rendition of John Lennon’s smash hit – Imagine.

So moving, watch his full audition below. Be thankful for what you have, it doesn’t really hit home until you see the difficult lives of others to appreciate how fortunate you truly are.

New Fall shows looking good!

As the sundresses and flip flops are being packed in plastic bins and put in the basement for a long cold winter depression has instantly come over me. Don’t get me wrong. Falls here are beautiful. I love the smell of leaves, cuddling up in a cozy sweatshirt and my favorite thing. Boots! What I don’t like however is knowing that in a few months I’m going to be cursing up a storm as I run desperately from my car to the office without catching frostbite. Oh woe is me.. Sorry. Getting sidetracked here!

What fall DOES mean is TV is back. Not only do all our favorite shows return but major networks try launching new ideas, new shows and seeing what sticks. For some reason I feel like this year more than ever there are so many new shows that I want to “try”. Thank goodness for DVRs and Tivos right? Here are some of the ones that caught my eye…
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It’s not fair how addicting Pretty Little Liars is

I almost get embarassed how much I like that show. Like really, girls – grow up and tell the cops.

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