Oscar Memories

With the Academy Awards rapidly approaching us, a lot of sites have compiled lists of memorable moments in Oscar History.

Take a look at this great slideshow from ABC News of their take on Academy Award history gems.

Are you going to be tuning in this Sunday? I know I will be! From the red carpet, to the main event. I love the Oscars! What is your favorite Oscar Memory?

Memorable Oscar moments since 2000.


Congratulations to Pinterest!

Is it a social media site? Is it a pinboard? Is it an online database of everything awesome? Yes to all!

Pinterest, the worlds latest addiction on the interwebs has reached 10M Monthly Unique visitors! What an accomplishment. Hitting this milestone means the only sites that have more visitors and that people spend more time on is Facebook and Tumblr. Wowza!

comScore states, that the average Pinterest user spends at least 98 minutes each month on their site. That is right below Tumblrs 2.5 hours and 7 hours on Facebook (yikes, guilty). They also noted that Pinterest was the fastest independent site to hit 10 million monthly uniques in the U.S.!

Now that’s something to celebrate.

Congrats and happy pinning! (Going to kick myself into getting back into sharing some amazing things I find on there… stay tuned!) and while you’re at it.. follow me!

via TechCrunch.

PETA Protests…Mario Bros?



As the preorders of Super Mario 3D Land come flying in this holiday season there is one major organization that will not be on the list. PETA.

PETA is protesting the Tanooki suit that Mario wears in the game. It was first introduced in 1988 in Super Mario Bros. 3.

According to PETA, “Tanooki may be just a ‘suit’ in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.”

What do you think, is this a little extreme of a protest?

[via Mashable]

iPhone 4s Battery Tips

Happy Friday Everyone!

Were you one of the 4 MILLION that purchased the new iPhone 4s? If not, and you updated to the iOS5 you may be wondering why your battery is not as up to par as it once was. Apple made a statement today that their iOS5 has a bug that is, indeed draining the battery – down to 12 hours. They will be making an update to the software in the next few weeks to resolve this.

Coming from a Droid Incredible, this isn’t a bad thing. That thing died in a matter of hours. However, the Huffington Post created a list of tips to save yourself some unneeded battery suckage. 🙂

I’ve done them, and have already seen results – enjoy!

**Note – this will help older models of the iPhone as well**

ChapStick is lacking in “fans” for this one!

We’ve all seen the print ads. The shock value, can-they-really-do-that ads. Personally, this one is very low on the “shock value” totum poll of advertisements if you ask me. I’ve seen a lot worse in an Abercrombie & Fitch storefront. ANYWAY I digress, Chapstick released the following picture on their site as well as their Facebook page.

The readers digest version: Blogger talks about how upset she is over this, goes to the Facebook page to complain. ChapStick then starts deleting comment after comment (instead of just deleting the damn picture, wouldn’t that have saved a lot of trouble?) People are livid and the rest is history. They “apologized” and I use that term loosely.

Personally, they should have quit while they were ahead. Now they just have a heck of a lot of angry people. And a lot of people like me, blogging about it. Some may not even dig around in old purses now to find that last big of Cherry Flavor Balm. Way to go guys. (Don’t worry I’m not that bent out of shape enough for that fiasco)

Check out AdFreaks take on it here.

What do we think all? Is this too much for a Lip Balm ad? Or is this my life on a daily basis (no judgement).

When a Halloween Ad goes “too far”

When Pittsburgh area Halloween Attraction “Haunted Hayloft” posted 70+ billboards in the city. No one took into account the reaction that they’d get from neighboring families.

As you can see from the image; the drawing includes a silhouette of a man hung by a rope from a tree. Locals state the billboard located on Perrysville Avenue (an area that is 99% black) is offensive.

The Annual Halloween attraction re-enacts a double hanging that took place in Pennsylvania’s Somerset County about 120 years ago which is why the image is even featured on the out-of-home ad.

What do we think? Is this image appropriate for a Halloween Event. Or is this another group of people fighting for things to be more “politically correct”.

You be the judge. 

Where were you when the world stopped turning..

…on that September day?

10 Years ago. The world as we knew it changed forever. When you think of the amount of time of your life that has passed us by since the Twin Towers fell it feels like an eternity.

Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing. I was in 9th grade Algebra class. Taking an awful test I wasn’t prepared for. Our teacher used to turn the overhead TV on (on mute) and watch the news while we took tests. I remember him saying, “What the..$*@&?” to which we all giggled (c’mon we were immature). We all looked up and saw the towers on fire. Of course no one knew what it meant or really, how serious it was. It wasn’t until the adults started freaking out that we did.

Everyone’s lives have been touched in some way on that day. My father was at a meeting across from the Pentagon. My mother was freaking out when I called her to come pick me up. My dad had left early from the meeting and didn’t have a cell phone on him. Of course I thank God that no one I knew was hurt or killed at the towers, Pentagon or any of the planes.

So even if you’re not as patriotic as you may think. Sunday, take a moment to look at all you have in your life. Whose important to you, and remember who protected it for you. Think of all the men and woman that went down like heroes that day and the service men and women that helped rescue.

Always remember. Never forget.

“faith hope and love are a few things He gave us… and the greatest is love.”

What are you doing to celebrate – I’ll be headed up to Jiffy Lube Live to see Toby Keith. I don’t think I know a single better concert to see the weekend of September 11th. The most patriotic cowboy I know!

Hurri-“pain” in my ass

So it’s Tuesday.

What a weekend huh? Irene hit Annapolis hard this weekend but didn’t seem to come as strong as the ol’ weather man originally warned us. Near and far people were freaking out for Irene. Buying out the stores, stocking up on all camping gear sold in Target (seriously, ALL the marshmallow roasters?). When she came by my town Saturday we were ready. 8 bags of popcorn popped, ice in bags, lots of wine (priorities people), reading material etc. etc. I even went and bought fried chicken so I’d have something to eat that wasn’t beyond disgusting cold.

Saturday came, the rain the wind but nothing bad. I even took the dogs for a walk before it hit hard. Sun was out small drops on the deck. Then…

The Power was out.

7pm. Oh boy, was I excited. We lit candles had the flashlights ready and began to have cocktails, eat and read our books. Oh what fun. You never really appreciate the little things until they’re not there. Hot water, blowdryers…COFFEE??

The next morning I was on the hunt. Most places in most directions were in the same boat as me so I traveled up Rt. 2 until I found an open Dunkin’ Donuts! Shouts out to the Glen Burnie DD  they were more than accommodating to us crazies! I got the last Everything and Poppyseed bagel in the joint. So I was thrilled with that. The day was spent cleaning up the massive leave piles that fell in our yard and pool. We still have tons to go. 

I then got the brilliant idea to call BGE and see when our power would be back… “We should have all homes restored by late Friday night” Umm…what? 

Thankfully we got creative Sunday and reheated a bunch of leftovers on the grill. Yum! 

So that’s where we are folks. It’s Tuesday and I have yet to feel the warmth of a warm fluorescent light on my skin since Saturday! All the food is ruined, I can’t shower at home (thank goodness for gym memberships). I have eaten more junk food than I’d like to mention, and I’ve read..a LOT. 

How did you get through the storm? Was Irene as scary as we thought? 

Yup, this was my weekend

A true story of Man’s Best Friend

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

Navy Seal, Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, lost his life in the helicopter accident in Afganistan on August 6th with 29 other American service members. The ceremony took place in

Iowa yesterday and over 1500 people attended to pay their respects and say goodbye to one of this nations true heros. 

There were tears and smiles as family reminisced over the man he was and the bravery he used to protect this country. What tugged at the heartstrings of all at the funeral that day was his number one confidant, Hawkeye, Tumilson’s Lab. Who even after his final mission refused to leave his masters side. These photos were taken by Lisa, Tumilson’s cousin who wanted to share this moment with others that could not attend the family.

A true man’s best friend. Anyone who has a pet can understand the loyalty dogs have for their owners. You’re not really loved until you experience the love of a dog.

You can read more here. (msnbc)

Always Remember 8-23-11

I’m not going to go into a large post about my experiences with this. I’m sure you’re sick of reading your Twitter and Facebook feed about it. I’ll just leave you with this.



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