Stop obsessing; he thinks you’re sexy!

I’m not usually one for posting Relationship Advice but I read this article this morning and I thought it was worth a share.

Ladies, time and time again we ask for reassurance from our man of the little “flaws” that we hate about ourselves. I’m sure even the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel has parts of their body they are self conscious about and that’s saying something! I know there are parts on me *cough* belly *cough* thighs, that I absolutely detest. It’s something I’ve covered up all of my life. My boyfriend is constantly telling me how beautiful I am and not to worry about it! As much as we want to believe, we still obsess.

Redbrook’s Aaron Traister went through 4 major things that we, as ladies, spend way too much time thinking about and 4 things we may not have though of – and gives his take. Truthfully after reading that, it’s nice to know that many guys are like my amazing boyfriend. They like us just for who we are! Some of these “flaws” are even a turn on 😉


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I'm just a girl. Trying to gather the millions of thoughts flying around in my little head and typing it for all of you to enjoy. I enjoy movies, celebrity gossip and Korbel champagne. When I get excited, I talk a mile a minute. Forgive my randomness.

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