When a Halloween Ad goes “too far”

When Pittsburgh area Halloween Attraction “Haunted Hayloft” posted 70+ billboards in the city. No one took into account the reaction that they’d get from neighboring families.

As you can see from the image; the drawing includes a silhouette of a man hung by a rope from a tree. Locals state the billboard located on Perrysville Avenue (an area that is 99% black) is offensive.

The Annual Halloween attraction re-enacts a double hanging that took place in Pennsylvania’s Somerset County about 120 years ago which is why the image is even featured on the out-of-home ad.

What do we think? Is this image appropriate for a Halloween Event. Or is this another group of people fighting for things to be more “politically correct”.

You be the judge. 

About Victoria Renée

I'm just a girl. Trying to gather the millions of thoughts flying around in my little head and typing it for all of you to enjoy. I enjoy movies, celebrity gossip and Korbel champagne. When I get excited, I talk a mile a minute. Forgive my randomness.

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