No more bunny “tales”

Remember a few weeks ago when I spoke about what hot shows were coming to town. Well, my favorite out of ALL of them. Was cancelled yesterday.

The Playboy Club had it all. The History of Chicago, an inside look of the hot spot back in the 60’s. Drama of working as one of America’s most desirable women, Affairs, Murder and some good looking ladies and gents.

Needless to say from the get-go this show was not a favorite of some “Women”. Well, I am a woman and so are most of my friends. We thought this was a shoe-in for the late night Monday time slot. Alas, the degrading of women was one that was not ignored when coming to pulling the plug.

The PTC (Parents Television Council) marked this down as one of their victories. “We are grateful to every member of the public who responded to our call to take action against this attempt to mainstream a brand that is synonymous with the pornography industry. We hope other broadcasters heed the important lessons of this programming debacle.” – I don’t necessarily agree with them, but we’ll let them have this one.

The Robe wearing, pipe smoking Heff tweeted his opinion, “I’m sorry NBC’s The Playboy Club didn’t find it’s audience,” he wrote, “It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience.”

It’s a shame – this was one of the good ones this fall. Guess I’ll have to devote all my attention to Pan Am to get my 1960’s fix.
Oh well, at least Leann Rimes doesn’t have to worry about her hubby cheating on her. [c’mon it was bound to happen]


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