Lunch Box Love


Oh I remember the day, when lunches were always packed by Mommy. It was always a surprise to sit down in the cafeteria and open up my Cinderella Pink lunch box (and when I was “too cool” a brown paper bag) to see what treasures were inside.

Was it fruit, veggies, a sandwich, leftover meatloaf or when I was really lucky a pizza lunchable!

No doubt kids these days look for things that we all did when we were young. A little post-it or sticker with a note. Back then, it used to be a smilie or a “Love you!” Now, parents are getting creative. From sticking googly eyes and smiles on bananas to drawing pictures or even reminding your child they are loved. What better way to bring a smile to a mid day break than sneaking a note in your kids lunch. The Wall Street Journal did an article this morning explaining the way the classic lunch note has evolved.

So many parents with so many brilliant ideas. Disney even created downloadable notes with recognizable characters if you’re at a loss for words. (love those guys!) Surely, Lightning McQueen saying “Don’t eat too fast!” will bring cheer to your little boy or girl. Pottery Barn Kids has also jumped on the bandwagon!

What type of notes did your parents leave you as a child? And what notes are you doodling for your little ones?


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I'm just a girl. Trying to gather the millions of thoughts flying around in my little head and typing it for all of you to enjoy. I enjoy movies, celebrity gossip and Korbel champagne. When I get excited, I talk a mile a minute. Forgive my randomness.

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