Chuck Woolery’s Career Change

Clearly it is THE profession to get into.

If you don’t know who Chuck Woolery is, shame on you! He has some hefty background experience when it comes to Game Show Hosting. He was the host of Love Connection, The Dating Game, Greed, Lingo and for 6 years Wheel of Fortune! (even I didn’t know that little tidbit). 

Chuck just joined Western Creative, Inc. A Detroit area agency as Senior-Citizen Marketing Specialist. Just turning 70, he decided to jump abord the Ad Biz train and try to reach out to those in that demographic, a crucial one in the US. I have no doubts he will excel at the job at hand given his experience! Good luck Chuck! I look forward to seeing your updated LinkedIn profile 🙂

Chuck Woolery Decides It’s Time to Work for an Ad Agency | Adweek.




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