Skin Crawling Shock Value

AdFreak couldn’t say it better. This out-of-home ad is completely “Infectious”.

Warner Brothers Pictures Canada took their advertising to a whole new level by creating this one of a kind storefront sign to promote their new movie Contagion.

The billboard was created by Curb Media, who uses natural and sustainable materials to create their products. With Ad Agency Lowe Roche at the helm, they created this billboard completely made out of growing bacteria and placed it in an abandoned storefront window in Toronto.

Scientists got together and used two large petri dishes filled with bacteria such as penicillin, mold and other pigmented bacteria which eventually spelled out the name of the movie. 

Passerbys were immediately at a loss for words. Reactions of disgust, awe, and curiosity immediately filled the streets. They were also given free passes to the movie as well as other neat giveaways. Don’t worry, no one got sick 🙂

I love out-of-home ads. Without getting too cliché it really takes an “out of the box” type of group to come up with something so capturing. With the help of social media this was an instant classic and I only wish I was near Toronto so I could have seen it for myself!


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