New Fall shows looking good!

As the sundresses and flip flops are being packed in plastic bins and put in the basement for a long cold winter depression has instantly come over me. Don’t get me wrong. Falls here are beautiful. I love the smell of leaves, cuddling up in a cozy sweatshirt and my favorite thing. Boots! What I don’t like however is knowing that in a few months I’m going to be cursing up a storm as I run desperately from my car to the office without catching frostbite. Oh woe is me.. Sorry. Getting sidetracked here!

What fall DOES mean is TV is back. Not only do all our favorite shows return but major networks try launching new ideas, new shows and seeing what sticks. For some reason I feel like this year more than ever there are so many new shows that I want to “try”. Thank goodness for DVRs and Tivos right? Here are some of the ones that caught my eye…

 The New Girl – Zooey Deschanel (you may know her from Elf) plays a girl named Jess. She out of nowhere gets dumped by her boyfriend so being kicked out of their apartment she moves in with three guys. If you haven’t seen previews for this yet. You need to. It looks hilarious. She’s this awkward girl in her 20s who needs help of her new roommates to get back out there and start dating again. (Fox)

Revenge – Another familiar face Emily VanCamp (Brothers and Sisters, Everwood) leads the cast and plays Emily Thorne, a woman who heads to the Hamptons trying to get “Revenge” (get it) on those who took her father away from her forever by framing him for a horrific crime. It’s dark, twisted, and I’m kind of excited. They said the show is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo. (Premiers Wednesday, Sept 21 on ABC)

Pan Am – I’m really looking forward to seeing this one. Did you ever see what the ladies of the air used to look like back in the day? Well this show is about the days when people used to actually dress up to fly, not roll around in their sweatpants and Flight Attendants were Stewardesses. I’m also really excited Christina Ricci is in it! Where has she been? Drama, love. What’s not to like? (Premiers Sunday, Sept 25 on ABC)

 Once Upon a Time – Not to be confused with the show Grimm that is also starting this fall. (Two shows about fairy tales? Sign me up!) This show is the less darker of the two. Jennifer Morrison may be the lost daughter of Snow White. The previews for this looked good. (Premiers Sunday, Oct 23 on ABC)

Grimm – AH yes the other fairy tale show. This is a bit more on the dark side and is about a homicide detective that learns that the folklore is more like warnings. It looks creepy but I’ll check it out (NBC, Oct 21)

 Two and a Half Men – Lets just say I was never a regular fan but I will be tuning in to watch the first episode. Along with most of America I think. Funny that it is the same time slot as the Sheen Roast.. How..I..ronic. (CBS, Sept 19)

 Terra Nova – Nerds Rejoice! No, I kid. I’m really excited for this one. This looks like a spin off of Jurassic Park, which I loved. Ex-cop Jason O’Mara,  his  Doctor Wife and their 3 kids..somehow get to somewhere that looks exactly like Jurassic Park. So we’ll see how that pans out. It’s Stephen Spielberg so  kids, I think we have a winner. (Fox, Sept 26)

 The Playboy Club – This show is another one I’m really excited about. (You’re starting not to believe me, I’m sure I say this about a lot) but it’s all true! If you haven’t seen the commercials for this one.  You’re living under a rock. Set in the 60’s it’s where it all began. Chicago, music icons, bunnies. Need I say more? (NBC, Sept 19)

American Horror Story – Everything I read about this show says it’s supposed to be the scariest show on television. A troubled family moves to LA for a fresh start. Of course the house is haunted!! Some very familiar faces, Dylan McDermontt and Connie Britton (Tammy Taylor you Friday Night Lights fans). As well as Crazy Jessica Lange. This show was created by Ryan Murphy which seems total opposite of his Gleeky self but he is obviously good at what he does so I hope it’s good! (FX, Oct 5)

There are so many more, including a new show Whitney starring Whitney Cummins that looks hilarious as well as a new show with Tim Allen I’m glad to see them both on TV and will be doing more research before all these start. Check back here to see if I give them all the boot after their premier!

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I'm just a girl. Trying to gather the millions of thoughts flying around in my little head and typing it for all of you to enjoy. I enjoy movies, celebrity gossip and Korbel champagne. When I get excited, I talk a mile a minute. Forgive my randomness.

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